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  • My Story

    We made it!!
    5 days, 477mi from Boston to Washington, DC.

    Thanks to all that supported the ride by joining us, donating to Bikes Belong and for being a part of a movement much bigger than anyone one of us. Keep checking for more news and updates on next year's Ride on Washington.

    The ride is coming up fast and excitement is definitely building more than I could have ever imagined. If you've landed here, you're obviously someone connected to cycling in some way. Please the letter below to see how being a part of The Ride on Washington can help cycling via Bikes Belong.
    Tim Johnson
    Feb 26, 2011

    Starting March 4th I'll be riding down to Washington, DC from Boston. I was planning on going the usual way, in a plane, but thought a bike ride was a little more fitting - Joining me is long time cycling journalist, advocate, promoter and announcer Richard Fries, and several other leaders of American bike culture for part of their five-day ride to Washington D.C. for the National Bicycle Summit.

    We will be riding to support the Bikes Belong Foundation. One of the most effective non-profits in America, Bikes Belong manages to convert every dollar it receives into $1,800 in government funding for bike paths, bike lanes, bike programs and bike facilities. Visit www.bikesbelong.org for more information.

    We aim to raise $ between now and our departure, but as we start we hope to ride the tide into the Summit. If we meet our goal, Bikes Belong can leverage that into $180 million in government funding for bike paths, bike lanes, bike facilities and bike programs. No other donation you make could make such a huge impact for America’s health, environment, and quality of life.

    Visit our Facebook page for more info and spread the word to anyone you'd like.

    Please consider donating. Any amount would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much!

  • The Cause

    The Bikes Belong Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on improving bicycle safety and enhancing children's bike programs. It administers the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, supports the Bicycling Design Best Practices Project, and directs the Peopleforbikes.org campaign. Learn more at bikesbelong.org/foundation.

  • Donations
    • Michael Horvath donated $500.00 February 28,2011 ... "Go Tim!"
    • Devonshire Dental donated $300.00 February 25,2011 ... "We will also throw in an In-Office Teeth Whitening. Value $300. You decide who gets it. Webiste www.devonshiredental.net "
    • NYC Velo donated $250.00 March 6,2011 ... "Great Job Tim!"
    • Alex Roberts donated $250.00 March 3,2011 ... "Good luck and safe travels. "
    • Neil Stanton donated $250.00 February 26,2011
    • Houston and Jennifer Joost donated $225.00 February 24,2011 ... "Best of luck. Thank you for doing this. It is a great cause."
    • Liberty Sports Magazine donated $200.00 March 6,2011
    • Jay Mueller donated $151.00 February 25,2011 ... "Good work, Timmy."
    • Claudette Lajam and Chris Clark donated $150.00 March 6,2011 ... "Nice to meet you in NYC. Good luck this season!"
    • Team JV donated $150.00 March 3,2011
    • Victory Brewing donated $150.00 February 26,2011 ... "The Golden Monkey awaits you in DC."
    • Houston and Jennifer Joost donated $125.00 February 19,2011 ... "Enjoy the ride Tim."
    • Dr. Barry donated $100.00 March 10,2011 ... "Thanks for standing up for Cyclists in the States"
    • Bicycle Shop of Topsfield donated $100.00 March 9,2011 ... "Tim- great work! Wish I could have been there."
    • doug jenn donated $100.00 March 6,2011
    • Helmeteer Chris donated $100.00 March 3,2011 ... "yeah Timmeh!"
    • Rich and Tracey Zachary donated $100.00 February 28,2011 ... "Thanks, this is agreat way to remind everyone that bikes belong!"
    • Peter Olmsted donated $100.00 February 20,2011 ... "Tim! Was looking at new bikes on Cannondale's website and came across your effort. Top notch!"
    • Shawn & Kristen Powers donated $100.00 February 17,2011
    • Matthew Haughey donated $100.00 February 16,2011 ... "woot!"
    • Claudia Johnson donated $100.00 February 11,2011 ... "Ride strong, be safe, Tim."
    • Jerry & Chris Barnes donated $100.00 February 9,2011 ... "Good work Tim!"
    • Rob Dapice donated $60.00 February 13,2011 ... "Hi Tim and Rich have fun. Really wish I could join you, someday I will. Rob"
    • Glenn M donated $55.00 March 30,2011 ... "Well done Tim, sure wish I could participate in an event like this. Thx for making a difference."
    • Hastings VELO donated $54.00 March 6,2011 ... "Good Luck"
    • Joshua Caesar donated $54.00 March 6,2011
    • Steve Idhaw donated $50.00 March 10,2011
    • Dan Reiners donated $50.00 March 6,2011 ... "Thanks for doing this Tim. "
    • Anonymous donated $50.00 March 4,2011 ... "Glad to support this and hope to ride with you from Baltimore to DC"
    • Matt Mitchell donated $50.00 March 3,2011 ... "Consider this a bet that Chandler needs a ride in the support vehicle to make it all the way to Washington."
    • Mark Elsasser donated $50.00 March 3,2011
    • Kurt Perham donated $50.00 March 2,2011
    • Adrian Balls donated $50.00 March 2,2011 ... "Bikes belong everywhere ,have fun on the ride."
    • Roxanne King donated $50.00 March 2,2011 ... "Ride safe for an important cause!"
    • Paul Glodek donated $50.00 March 2,2011 ... "Tim, THANKS!!!"
    • Brook Watts - CrossVegas donated $50.00 February 23,2011 ... "Sounds like some great base miles for a great cause"
    • Starr Walker donated $50.00 February 18,2011 ... "Get Some!"
    • Derek Carosi donated $50.00 February 16,2011 ... "YA TIM-AY!"
    • Hoon donated $50.00 February 11,2011 ... "GO TJ!"
    • harv donated $30.00 February 19,2011 ... "Good luck.Great Cause"
    • Alan Cote donated $25.00 March 4,2011
    • Doreen Crenshaw donated $25.00 March 4,2011 ... "Thanks for your help and safe pedaling!"
    • Lyne donated $25.00 March 2,2011 ... "Thank you for doing this! "
    • Anonymous donated $25.00 March 1,2011 ... "Go Tim!"
    • IowaKathy donated $25.00 February 28,2011 ... "have a great ride! Kick Chandlers ass! :P"
    • Thomas A. Fine donated $25.00 February 28,2011
    • Cliff Kenyon donated $25.00 February 27,2011 ... "Good luck with the ride. "
    • PDowd donated $25.00 February 21,2011
    • jeff mauer donated $25.00 February 20,2011
    • Eric Weis donated $25.00 February 20,2011
    • michelle donated $25.00 February 18,2011
    • Jeremy Powers donated $20.00 March 3,2011
    • Mary Hujber donated $10.00 February 27,2011

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