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Because survivors deal with their scars for a lifetime 

Because abusers sentence is finite if they’re punished at all 

Because survivors’ loved ones lives are forever changed 

Because some abusers never face punishment 

Because fear is real 

Because fear is bullshit 

Because what was she wearing is still a thing 

Because we still talk about sexual history 

Because you know a survivor

Because I do 

Because some stories never get told 

Because he’s a survivor too 

Because she pretends he’s dead to survive

Because you doubted his guilt after he was convicted 

Because he did it again 

Because you know someone who got away with it 

Because she was telling the truth and you didn’t believe her 

Because you know someone who never came forward

Because if we do nothing, nothing will change

Because that’s not okay

Because we are strong 

Because we are stronger together 


For my family 

For yours 

For each survivor 


I walk

A mile in her shoes. 


Because her eyes used to light up 

Because now they light candles for her

Because her mother puts flowers on her grave now 

Because her children will grow up without a mother 

Because her father can’t even drive past her high school

Because her father will never get to walk her down the aisle 

Because she wore long sleeves to hide the bruises 

Because they pretended not to see the bruises

Because she lied when they asked about the bruises 

Because the neighbors turned up the music so they didn’t have to hear 

Because her friends turned a blind eye 

Because love is blind 

Because love hurts

Because love should never hurt 

Because he swore he would never do it again 

Because he lied 

Because “baby, I mean it this time”

Because he didn’t mean it 

Because she made him so mad 

Because you know about my temper 

Because shhh 

Because he killed her spirit

Because she drinks to drown the demons 

Because her demons can swim 

Because it’s just a piece of paper

Because she can’t breathe when she thinks about it 

Because she still jumps when she hears a loud noise 

Because she still looks over her shoulder 

Because he got a gun anyway

Because she wished she was dead

Because she wished he was

Because she survived despite the odds 

Because she didn’t 


Because she still gets up every day and tries 

Because she remains kind in this world 

Because she isn’t broken after all the battles she did not ask to join but fought anyway. 


I walk 

A mile in her shoes. 









Thank you for supporting my efforts to raise funds for the Elizabeth Freeman Center! This cause is important to me because I know too many strong, kind, wonderful people whose lives have been impacted dramatically by domestic abuse or sexual assault. Domestic abuse hides behind walls, knows no boundaries, and is capable of trying to destroy the most beautiful of lives.  Together, and only by taking action, we can inspire change. Every donation helps. Thank you SO much for your support. 


My Story


The Event


The Cause


My Supporters

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Elizabeth Freeman Center is a 501 (c) (3) EIN: 04-2584551 nonprofit organization

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