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I will be riding in the 2020 Banner-University Medicine El Tour de Tucson for Friends of PACC. Please support my ride by making a donation. 

We are riding this year for our rescue Rylie that we recently lost. She would have been 13 years old. We rescued her at 9 months old. She was a wonderful addition to our home and will be greatly missed. 

We just adopted the new addition to our family from PACC.  She is a husky and is about 5 years old. Her name is Marshmallow. We like to name our young animals after spices. We have Pepper the bird and we had Basil our first husky. (Marahmallow is also a root)  She already has some Rylie qualities in her. Rylie used to get in the pantry and steal her own treats. Marshamallow did that as well.  :-)   July 21st-She just realized after 2 nights that doggies are allowed on the bed.  Not the couches..  

July 23- I left the pantry door open. Marshmallow helped herself to some treats.

July 27th- Who is training who? Do not leave the pantry door open. Even cracked. Marshmallow can open it and you hear treats being eating. Pretty much every day. Same goes for the trash-shut the lid...Marshmallow is mischievous. 

Marshmallow is a funny little girl.  She just stares at you and tilts her head like she is trying to figure us out.  And don't leave doors open that you don't want something chewed on. She had my helmet on her dog bed this morning. I am lucky she didn't have time to chew it before i found it. My strap was just all wet. 

Marshmallow seems to be bowlegged. We don't know if she was born that was or she was in some sort of accident when she was young. She gets along great. She is just funny watching get on the bed. We have a bench at the end of the bed that they both use to hop onto in order to get on the bed, 

We now have to keep the dog food container on the table becasue Marshmallow can pop open the lid and helps herself to food. I have to order a new food conatiner that twists open.

Marshamallow has decided that the ottoman in the living room is her bed. She hops up there and lays down. Shelbie had to try it out as well.  She hopped up there did a few circles, sat down for 5 minutes then went outside. Shelbie loves to sit outside when it is cold.  

Do not leave your bike gloves where Marshmallow can get them. She has pulled mine out and Eric's out. They must be put up high.  She didn't chew them. They were just wet. 

We have been working with Marshmallow on going outside to pee.  Somehow she must have been traumatized. When we take the treats with us to get her to go pee she will stay by the door. We have to go sit in the chairs with their treats and call her to come get a treat. Sometimes we have to walk with the treat in our hand over to her pee area. She looks up and seems to say "oh yea, I have to go pee and hurries over there to pee." 

Marshmallow knows they are allowed on the bed. In the morning she is usally at my feet. And stays there until it is her breakfast time. The bedroom doors are shut when we leave for work.

Eric left the gate open to the living room. Marshmallow coudn't sit on her ottoman becasue I put a box on it. She decided "well, since they have a box on MY ottoman I will just sit on their couch." 

We have figured out why they called her Marshmallow.  Her head and face are red and white. When we got her she was shaved so we assume she was red and white all over. Her body fur is coming in mostly white. We assume she reminded them a a fluffy marshmallow. 

Marshmallow hates to love baths. We have used treats and carrots-(she loves carrots) and anything else we think of that will get her to follow us to the shower. She fights us every bit of the way. She is a heavy dog. She was 98 lbs when we brought her home. We are working on helping her lose weight. Since she has the pee thing she starts to smell. I got her to follow me into the bedroom and then I had to pick her up from the front end and walk her into the shower. Once in the shower she will start to make these purrrrrrrring sounding noises. When done with the shower she is happy and jumping all around.  

We had the gate shut after Marshmallow's bath. Somehow she opened the gate and came right into the living room. 

Marshamallow is a very silly dog. After she goes outside to pee on her own she comes in the house all happy and jumping around..

That ottoman is her bed. Leave your stuff off of it. Eric will lay his laptop on it and when she wants to sit on it she looks at HER ottoman then looks at him, looks at the ottoman if he doesn't get the laptop she starts to jump up anyway.  

Do not leave any food on the island. You hear licking noises and when you go in the kitchen she has her front paws on the counter and is licking whatever food is sitting on the counter.  We are laughing while telling her to get down..  Eric was making a mini pizza. He left the kitchen and came back and Marshamllow was eating his pizza. On another occassion Eric left Pepperoni on the island, left the room and when he came back to the kitchen the Pepperoni bag was on the floor. Luckily she only was able to get a few pepperoni. Yet, another occassion I was making some chicken salad. I made both Eric and I a sandwich. I took Eric his sandwhich and went back to the kitchen. Marshmallow was standing with her paws on the counter and working on licking the bowl. Yep, she did..  

We just adopted another husky-her name is Cumin. She is 4 months old and she is crazy and chews on everything as well as us, Shelbie and Marshmallow-She has been good for both Shelbie and Marshamallow because she gets them to play more. Although Cumin does not know when to stop. Marshmallow bites down to hold Cumin's whole mouth shut to stay stop. Just enough to say stop but not hurt her. At first Marshmallow was not happy with us becasue we think she was afraid we were going to maybe get rid of her. We reassured her that she is staying here and she is stuck with us!!!!!  

Cumin is craaazzzzyyyyyyy.

Cumin is a chewer. She has chewed on a wall in the house in 2 different spots. The whole kitchen has to be repainted so we will fix it when that time comes. Until she is out of her chewing stage. She digs the plants out of pots and throws the dirt all over the patio.  All of our plants on the patio have cages around them. ANd some of the trees in the yard as well.  

It took Marshmallow about 14 months to decide we were good peeps for her.  She finally goes outside and hangs out there by herself. We believe she was left outside at all times and thats why she wouldn't go outside. She would run to go pee and then run back in the house. 





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