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  • My Story

    This March I will be joining six-time national champion and cyclocross superstar Tim Johnson for his five-day ride to Washington D.C. for the National Bicycle Summit.

    We will be riding to support the Bikes Belong Foundation, which works to make bicycling safer and better across America. We hope to raise $100,000.

    Visit the Ride on Washington website or Facebook page for more info.

    Please consider donating. Any amount would be greatly appreciated, and donations are tax-deductible. 

    Thank you so much!

  • The Cause

    The Bikes Belong Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization focused on improving bicycle safety and enhancing children's bike programs. It administers the Safe Routes to School National Partnership, supports the Bicycling Design Best Practices Project, and directs the Peopleforbikes.org campaign. Learn more at bikesbelong.org/foundation.

  • Donations
    • Northampton Cycling Club donated $200.00 March 16,2012
    • Joshua Caesar donated $150.00 March 24,2012
    • TJ donated $100.00 March 26,2012 ... "Here's a $ for every time you DIDN'T whine out there on the bike...nice job last week!"
    • Rich Bauch donated $100.00 March 18,2012
    • Stacey A. Barbossa, DC donated $75.00 March 7,2012 ... "YEAH Molly!!!! You rock, girl!"
    • Bob W donated $55.00 March 30,2012 ... "My pleasure to get you to $1000! "
    • @mtb_steve donated $50.00 March 30,2012 ... "Pleasure riding with you"
    • Carrie Mosher donated $50.00 March 29,2012
    • K Gauvin donated $50.00 March 19,2012 ... "Almost there"
    • Anonymous donated $50.00 March 18,2012
    • ROBERT BURNHAM donated $50.00 March 18,2012 ... "Great event and happy to donate! "
    • Tom Purcell donated $25.00 March 29,2012 ... "Thanks for the positive energy!"
    • Maria Sisti donated $25.00 March 19,2012 ... "Good for you, Molly!"
    • CycleGirlRox donated $25.00 March 7,2012
    • Michael Dao donated $25.00 March 7,2012 ... "Wish I could go too!"
    • a little something donated $20.00 March 18,2012 ... "WORK IT!"

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