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What does "List my donation as anonymous" do?

If you are making an online donation, selecting this option will display the donation as "anonymous" on that donors page and will not share your name or email with that fundraiser.

What does "This gift will be matched by my employer" mean?

If you are making a donation, and select "This gift will be matched by my employer", you will be contacted by the sponsor organization to follow up and get details on your employer’s gift.

What is the "Personal Message" I can enter when donating?

You can input any message to the participant you are donating to that you wish to have displayed on their fundraising page. Note that this message will display on that participant’s public PledgeReg fundraising page.



How do I contact PledgeReg?

For customer support, you can reach us Monday – Friday, 8:30 AM - 8:30 PM, ET. Use the Live Chat link in the upper right, email, or call (888) 956-9560 .

Why should I work with PledgeReg?

We have the technology and we have the team to ensure success. At PledgeReg, we’re programmers, project managers, and customer support people. But we’re also life-long athletes, volunteers and event organizers who stay on top of best practices in peer-to-peer fundraising. We focus on being part of your team from start to finish. Count on our team to be responsive, innovative, and flexible in helping you exceed you fundraising goals!

What features are available to help me manage and maximize my fundraising?

We have the simplest setup in the industry and tools to ensure success. With our robust and flexible reporting you can track anything and everything! See who’s accessed and updated their fundraising page and give them some encouragement. See which teams or individuals have reached specific event director-defined fundraising thresholds and provide encouragement. We provide easy to use data to drive success. Contact to learn more about the tools available to you and get started today!

How much does it cost to use PledgeReg?

There are no setup fees, monthly maintenance fees, or tiered membership levels to access features & benefits. It’s all here, it’s all yours, and we only get paid if you are successfully raising funds. We have some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry. A processing fee for each transaction of 6.5% is charged to the organization which includes online registration and credit card processing fees. However, donors can choose to cover the processing fee at checkout if they like.

When would I receive a payment for the donations collected by

Disbursements on PledgeReg are sent out monthly for balances over $200. Disbursements are sent on Monday and are calculated at 12:15 AM ET. When setting up your event on PledgeReg you can select to receive check disbursements or direct deposit.

Are transactions with PledgeReg secure?

Yes! All credit card transactions with PledgeReg use industry standard SSL encryption to ensure safe and reliable transmission over the internet.

I don’t have an event set up on BikeReg/RunReg/SkiReg/TriReg, can I still use PledgeReg?

PledgeReg is currently a synced fundraising platform with our registration sites; it is not currently usable as a standalone fundraising site. Stay tuned though, we are working on this for the future!

Can I set up my registration page so people can choose not to fundraise?

Yes! Our default setup allows your participants to choose to fundraise as an individual, join a team, or create a team, but if you let us know we can set your event up so that there is a fourth option for your participants to opt out of fundraising.

I have a minimum fundraising amount. Can I charge fundraisers the difference if they don’t meet that goal?

Yes, if you let us know beforehand we can set your event up so that your fundraising participants will be charged the difference between the amount that they actually fundraised and the fundraising goal that they agreed to when they registered.

Can a team have multiple team captains?

Yes, teams can be setup to have multiple captains. All PledgeReg teams start out with only one captain, who is the person that created the team. That person can then assign as many captains as they deem necessary, or revoke captain status from a team captain.

Can a team captain remove another team captain?

Yes, anyone with team captain status can revoke the status of another team captain.

How do I set up my event with PledgeReg?

To set up your event with PledgeReg simply check to enable fundraising when you are in your initial event setup on BikeReg , RunReg, SkiReg or TriReg. Once initiated, you will get an email to login to PledgeReg as an event director, where you will then be walked through our event setup wizard.

We recommend getting the PledgeReg setup completed before your event goes live. This will ensure all your participants receive fundraising pages when they register for your event. When your event is hooked into PledgeReg fundraising pages are automatically generated for your participants as they register. If necessary, we can also retroactively generate fundraising pages for participants already registered if you choose to setup your event with PledgeReg at a later date.

What information do I need to get a PledgeReg event started?

The only information you will need to get your PledgeReg event started is the name of the organization or beneficiary, and the date that you want fundraising to end. You will fill out the rest of the relevant information in the event setup process in PledgeReg.

I setup my event last year with PledgeReg. How can I renew?

Easy! When you renew your event on BikeReg, RunReg, SkiReg, or TriReg open the Fundraising tab and check the box for PledgeReg fundraising and enter a fundraising end date. Once your event has been renewed you will need to login to PledgeReg to finalize setup, but most of your information from the previous year will have carried over.

Can I have a custom event cover photo?

All events on PledgeReg can have their own cover photo. Cover photos appear on the top of your event page and can help support your branding. Optimal cover photo size is 1000 pixels wide by 330 pixels high. Other sizes are accepted. If your cover photo does not meet our sizing specifications we will let you know when you upload it.

How can I add in donations that were mailed to me or given to me in person?

You can do this by using the Add Manual Donation tool under the ‘Fundraising Tools’ menu when logged in as a PledgeReg event director. Once there, you can select the individual or team that the funds are being credited towards, or simply select to credit the funds to the entire event. From here, you can put in all the donor information. Only first name, last name, and donation amount are required, but you can choose to provide more information if you wish. You can also specify that the donor’s name remain anonymous.

How can I find out detailed information about my participants or donors?

To find out more detailed information about your participants or donors use the Download Participant Data or Download Donor Data tools under the ‘Reporting’ menu when logged in as an event director. When you click on either of these tools you will be presented with an interface to choose which pieces of data to include in your download. All data in the ‘Selected Fields’ box will be included in your download. You can move categories between the Selected Fields and the Available fields with the arrows between them. Once you have selected the categories you wish to download you can choose how you want them to be sorted.

You can also choose to filter your results by all participants who have reached a Fundraising Threshold in a certain time period. A fundraising threshold is set by you, the event director and simply means that a participant has met a fundraising goal that you have set.

Finally, you can choose to save your download settings as a template so you can easily access them again at a later time.

Once these steps are completed click the blue ‘DOWNLOAD DATA’ button at the bottom and your data will be downloaded as a .CSV file and can be view in Excel.

I need to find information on a specific donation, how can I do this?

You can use the Search Donations tool in the ‘Reporting’ menu when logged in as an event director. This feature allows you to search by donor name, participant name (participant who received the donation), team name, donation amount (greater than, or less than) or all of those parameters at once. You can also choose to search for the donation in a given date range.

Clicking ‘SEARCH’ without entering any parameters will give you all of your donations to date, or clicking search with an entered date range will give you all donations in that date range.

For all MANUAL donations, you have the option to delete or edit the donation. For all ONLINE donations, you have the option to refund in full or in partial, but you cannot delete the donation.

What is a ‘Suggested Donation Amount’?

The suggested donation amount is both a prompt to suggest what donors can give and/or to give your potential donors a better idea of where their donation is going and what it will do to help your organization. For example, you might set up a suggested donation amount of $25, and then describe what this will do to benefit your organization, like providing meals for volunteers, or training for staff. You can set as many suggested donation amounts as you want, and they can be for any amount – the idea is to help encourage your potential donors to be as generous as possible, while letting them know that they are making a tangible impact with their donation.

What are threshold notifications? How can I use them to help my fundraising?

Threshold notifications are levels that you can set for yourself to show you when your participants are reaching certain fundraising levels. Threshold notifications are for internal use and would be something along the lines of setting a threshold to $100, whereas you would then receive emails once daily showing you who among your participants have reached this goal. These thresholds can be set as a percentage of a total donation goal, or as a monetary amount. You can set as many of these as you deem necessary. Threshold notifications can also be used in the Fundraiser Outreach area to select and email fundraisers who have reached your designated threshold. These are setup in the ‘Fundraising Tools’ menu under Threshold Notifications.

How do I use the Fundraiser Outreach tool?

The fundraiser outreach section is a tool that you can use to reach out to your participants after you have filtered them down to a specific group. Using the search tool, you can segment your users by the dollar amount that they have raised by selecting more than or less than a specific dollar amount. If you have threshold notifications setup you can also segment by which fundraisers have reached a certain threshold. All searches can also be specified by date range. Once the fundraisers have been filtered, you can send that specific group an email. All emails will show in the Sent Emails / Drafts section, where you can review sent or draft emails, or make copies of any email.

How can fundraisers share my page on social media?

When a fundraiser is on their unique page, they have the option to share both their individual pages or their team pages. Participants can share their pages easily through our integrated tools with both Facebook and Twitter. If your event or fundraising has a hashtag or handle, this will be included in their share posts to ensure that all posts are linked back to your accounts.

Where does my social sharing image show up?

Your social sharing image is what will appear when your fundraisers share their page on Facebook through their individual share page, team share page, and event share page. This image will also appear if you share your event from the PledgeReg event page.

What is an Additional User and how do I enable one?

An Additional User is someone that you can give full or partial access to the event director tools associated with your event. An Additional User can be anyone you choose, and are sometimes the primary person managing the fundraising. When a PledgeReg page is setup the primary event director for the event is the same as the event director on the original registration site, so using an Additional User allows you to have someone else managing your event’s fundraising.

What if my event is a 501c(3)?

If your event is a 501c(3) you can specify this in the event setup. If you specify this then your donors will get a clickable link in their receipt explaining that their donation is tax deductible. The link will direct donors to the "Exempt Organizations Select Check" page on the IRS website where they can view your organization for filing information.

Does the payment information need to be made out to my fundraising organization?

The payment information should be made out to whomever is managing and disbursing the funds. If the fundraising organization benefiting from your event wants to receive the funds raised directly, they can be set up to receive a direct deposit or a check from PledgeReg. You can also put in the information of an intermediary if they are handing the accounting and disbursement of funds to the organization.

Can I set up automated thank you messages to donors?

Yes, this is something that you can set up under the ‘Event Setup’ menu under Email Templates. This is the last field to fill out in this section. Once setup this email will go out automatically to all donors once they have completed their transaction. You can customize and craft this email however you like.

For customer support, please contact us at or (888) 956-9560.

PledgeReg is the integrated fundraising tool for all athleteReg registration sites: BikeReg, RunReg, TriReg, and SkiReg. The PledgeReg system allows events to have a personalized fundraising page for each participant as well as event-wide and team fundraising.

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