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Millenium Running

  • Annual Fundraising Events: 12+

Since its inception in 2010, Millennium Running, New Hampshire’s largest road race management company, has raised more than $300,000 in funds for local organizations and non-profits.

Using PledgeReg has allowed Millennium Running to create a more efficient, and better process for fundraising, making charity events more successful.


2015 was our first year using PledgeReg, however we have worked with events for a number of years that have used other fundraising platforms. We’d had separate registration pages for runners and fundraisers, which created a disconnect and added another step to the process. Using PledgeReg has allowed us to create a more efficient, and better process for fundraising, making charity events more successful.


Currently we have 12 events on PledgeReg for 2015. We’ve seen a great increase in the number of events, particularly charity driven events that have expressed interest in using a fundraising registration platform.

Key PledgeReg Features

We’ve found that the most successful fundraising includes custom features for each participant. When they are able to customize their fundraising page with their own stories, messages, pictures, and experiences it allows them to best maximize their fundraising efforts. PledgeReg allows for all of these features, which are very important for events looking to reach their goals.

Why PledgeReg?

We love working with the athleteReg platforms, including PledgeReg, for many reasons. The staff has been extremely helpful with any questions that arise and are always willing to help in short order. At the core of our relationship, however, is the willingness and flexibility for custom solutions. The staff at PledgeReg is committed to continually improving their product(s) and are very receptive to ideas, updates, and changes. This has allowed us to best produce and manage events in a most efficient manner.

For PledgeReg specifically, we’ve found the user interface, for both management of events and for individual participants, is very easy to use. With the sheer amount of data collection and mapping, it can be very confusing. PledgeReg has a framework that makes all of this very easy to construct and navigate.

For all of the above reasons, and also its integration with RunReg, which host most of our primary events. The two platforms work seamlessly together, allowing us to very effectively collect data for participants while maximizing the fundraising potential of events.

PledgeReg is the integrated fundraising tool for all athleteReg registration sites: BikeReg, RunReg, TriReg, and SkiReg. The PledgeReg system allows events to have a personalized fundraising page for each participant as well as event-wide and team fundraising.

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