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Hot Chocolate Run To Benefit Safe Passage

  • Total Raised: Over $2,000,000

The Hot Chocolate Run added peer-to-peer fundraising in 2009. The money participants have raised has increased by at least 40% each year. See what’s made them so successful!


The Hot Chocolate Run began in 2004 and athleteReg has been an important partner since the beginning. We added peer-to-peer fundraising to our event in 2009. We recognized that many of our runners and walkers participated in our event because they were deeply committed to our mission. Peer-to-peer fundraising seemed like a great way to ask these supporters to get more involved.


We've been lucky that peer-to-peer fundraising has really caught on among our participants. The money they have raised has increased by at least 40% each year since we began.

Key PledgeReg Features

We use data to drive our communications with individual fundraisers. For example, the Threshold reports tell us when a fundraiser has reached one of our recognition levels. We can then reach out right away to thank the participant and encourage them to keep going.

Why PledgeReg?

The PledgeReg staff are incredibly responsive - they respond right away when we have questions. More importantly, they're responsive to new features we request, so we can stay on top of best practices in peer-to-peer fundraising. Their communication is prompt, clear, and friendly. We are so appreciative of the staff's responsiveness to new feature requests and ideas. I know that as a relatively small nonprofit, we would not get that level of responsiveness from a large event registration company.

PledgeReg is the integrated fundraising tool for all athleteReg registration sites: BikeReg, RunReg, TriReg, and SkiReg. The PledgeReg system allows events to have a personalized fundraising page for each participant as well as event-wide and team fundraising.

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