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  • My Story

    Thanks for visiting my Hot Chocolate Run fundraising page! On December 4, I will be walking in this year’s Hot Chocolate Run with my lovely co-workers from WEBS. This great event raises funds for Safe Passage, an organization in Northampton, MA that provides comprehensive, free services to women and children who have experienced domestic violence.
    I hope you’ll make a donation and help me meet my fundraising goal. Safe Passage relies on support from people like us to fund their services, which include an emergency shelter program, individual counseling and support groups, legal services, a 24-hour hotline and more. Here are some examples of what these services cost:

    $20: Emergency funds for a woman to purchase groceries or diapers
    $45: A one-hour counseling session for a woman seeking help for the first time
    $80: One weekly drop-in group session for survivors of domestic violence
    $100: An hour of ASL interpreting for a deaf survivor's counseling session
    $135: Three sessions for children who have witnessed domestic violence
    $500: A month of on-call advocacy for victims of domestic violence police calls

    All contributions are tax-deductible, and you’ll receive an emailed receipt immediately after you donate.

    Thank you so much for your support!  If you want to register for the event or learn more about it, visit http://hotchocolaterun.com.

  • The Cause

    Safe Passage is the organization in Hampshire County building safety, hope and justice for families who have lived with domestic violence. Adults and kids come to Safe Passage for a variety of programs: an emergency shelter, counseling and support groups, legal advocacy, and so much more. We also work to prevent domestic violence before it happens through our community engagement programs. We hope you'll join us in our work by making a donation! Learn more at our website.

  • Donations
    • Allison donated $45.00 December 1,2011
    • Judy donated $25.00 December 13,2011
    • Bryan donated $25.00 December 3,2011 ... "You're the best!"
    • Diane donated $25.00 December 2,2011 ... "You go daughter!"
    • Barbara A. donated $20.00 December 5,2011 ... "Bless you for doing this--Safe Passage sounds like a very worthy cause."
    • Anonymous donated $20.00 December 3,2011
    • Karen donated $20.00 December 3,2011
    • Slowknit donated $20.00 December 2,2011 ... "You, WEBS, Safe Passage-y'all rock!"
    • annette donated $20.00 December 2,2011 ... "Congratulations...a great event...i am from Connecticut and Massachusetts...wish i could join you"
    • Cecily donated $20.00 December 2,2011 ... "Wonderful cause! You are the best!"
    • Heather donated $20.00 December 2,2011
    • Ellen Mason donated $20.00 December 2,2011 ... "Hooray Melissa!"
    • thea colman donated $20.00 December 1,2011 ... "Thanks for doing this! "
    • Johanna donated $20.00 December 1,2011 ... "Good luck!"
    • Danielle donated $20.00 December 1,2011
    • Amanda donated $20.00 December 1,2011
    • Jocelyn Grayson donated $20.00 November 30,2011
    • Anonymous donated $20.00 November 26,2011
    • Shiphrah donated $18.00 December 2,2011 ... "I spent 4th grade in 4 different states because there were no shelters. Safe Passage, indeed!"
    • SusanC donated $10.00 December 6,2011 ... "Hope the run was fun!"
    • Katy donated $10.00 December 6,2011
    • Karen L. donated $10.00 December 2,2011 ... "Great work for a great cause - you go, girl!"
    • mtdish donated $10.00 December 2,2011
    • Cecile donated $10.00 December 2,2011 ... "Thanks for doing this!"
    • Eliza donated $10.00 December 2,2011
    • Karen donated $10.00 December 2,2011
    • Robin donated $10.00 December 2,2011
    • tybearwat donated $10.00 December 1,2011 ... "What a cool event for a great cause. Good luck and thanks for the pattern :)"
    • Mary donated $10.00 December 1,2011 ... "Good luck on this great cause!"
    • Jillian donated $10.00 December 1,2011 ... "good luck with the fundraising and the run!"
    • Nell donated $10.00 December 1,2011 ... "Thank you for doing this."
    • Erin Hayes donated $5.00 December 5,2011 ... "Good luck!"
    • Terri Bergandi donated $5.00 December 4,2011 ... "Wow-you and your team are doing a wonderful thing-what a way to really start the holiday season and bring hope to others in need."
    • Christelle donated $5.00 December 2,2011 ... "Hope you'll reach a big amount! "
    • isilia donated $5.00 December 1,2011

Safe Passage is a 501 (c) (3) EIN: 04-2690131 nonprofit organization

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