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  • My Story

    Thanks for visiting my Hot Chocolate Run fundraising page! I’ve never been much of a runner. These days I’m changing that because I’m determined to run in this event. As the Executive Director of Safe Passage, I know how important this event is to our ability to be there for survivors of domestic violence and their children and to work on ending domestic violence.

    My real reason for running this year is more personal. Last year, 4 days before the Hot Chocolate Run, I landed in the hospital with a full blown case of diabetes. This sudden diagnosis took me by surprise, but in reality was the result of years of being off balance in many aspects of my life. I attended the event last year, feeling  amazed at the show of community support for our work and at the same time feeling pretty drained and exhausted. Over the last year, I’ve worked to take stock of my strengths and work to promote health in my mind, body, and spirit, and I decided to train so that I could run in this year’s event.

    Running is not easy for me. I sometimes think that I don’t have the strength, stamina, breath, or motivation. Then I think about the survivors of domestic violence and the kids who have witnessed the violence, and I get inspired. Each person who comes to live in our shelter, or who calls our hotline, or comes to meet with a counselor is working toward their own safety and health. In some cases they are starting over. Many think they can’t do it. Then they find the strength. They tap into their resilience, they ask for and accept help, they build new lives and new communities for themselves. They are changing their own stories.

    So, I’m inspired by each of their stories, and each of the ways that they write a new story. The new stories are about strength, hope, joy, healing, resilience, health, and connection. If the survivors who reach Safe Passage can do all of that, then for sure I can run for 3.2 miles.

    So, I’m still not sure that I can do it, but I have the best source of inspiration possible, and the best possible community around me.  Here’s where you come in. While I’m working to train my body for the event, I’m also working to raise needed funds for Safe Passage. Each runner and walker has the opportunity to multiply their efforts by “Stepping up for Safe Passage”. It would mean so much to me if you could add your name and support and whatever contribution is right for you to my fundraising page.  The amount doesn’t matter, but the fact that you support me in this is what matters. While I have set a goal, my real goal was to be open about my motivation for running this year. I’ve already accomplished that.

    Thank you, all of you, for the ways that our paths have crossed and for the ways that we have shared in our journeys. And, thanks for your support of me and of the work to support survivors and build a violence-free community.

  • The Cause

    Safe Passage is the organization in Hampshire County building safety, hope and justice for families who have lived with domestic violence. Adults and kids come to Safe Passage for a variety of programs: an emergency shelter, counseling and support groups, legal advocacy, and so much more. We also work to prevent domestic violence before it happens through our community engagement programs. We hope you'll join us in our work by making a donation! Learn more at our website.

  • Donations
    • Anonymous donated $100.00 November 18, 2013
    • Marianne's family donated $75.00 November 25, 2013
    • Gail Kielson donated $50.00 December 7, 2013 ... "Go, Marianne; Go Safe Passage"
    • Monica Moran donated $50.00 December 5, 2013 ... "go marianne!!!!"
    • Stephanie, Ben, and Lyra donated $50.00 December 1, 2013 ... "Good luck, you can run it!!!"
    • Laura VZ donated $50.00 November 26, 2013 ... "Go Marianne! Thank you for stepping up everyday!"
    • Debra Robbin donated $50.00 November 23, 2013 ... "Cheering you on!!! For all that you do!!!"
    • Terry Fitzgerald donated $50.00 October 26, 2013 ... "I am cheering you on and I'm with you all the way!"
    • Nancy Carter-Price donated $35.00 December 5, 2013
    • Susan Staples, YWCA donated $30.00 October 24, 2013 ... "Go Marianne"
    • Jim and Merry Boone donated $25.00 December 7, 2013
    • Carol Pearson donated $25.00 November 27, 2013 ... "So happy to support the amazing things you do...You are amazing"
    • Charmian donated $25.00 November 13, 2013 ... "You go, girl! One more step...."
    • Reenie donated $25.00 November 12, 2013 ... "Go Marianne!!!!"
    • Mary Kociela donated $25.00 October 25, 2013 ... "Really excited for you Marianne-good luck!!"
    • Louise McOrmond-Plummer donated $25.00 October 25, 2013 ... "Marianne, you go Gril! Such an important cause and a victory for you xxx"
    • Denise Tessier donated $25.00 October 24, 2013 ... "Good luck ! I would do run next year!"
    • Zayda Vallejo donated $25.00 October 24, 2013 ... "Maryanne, Much love to you and Karan"
    • Sandy donated $18.00 November 19, 2013
    • Liz Friedman donated $18.00 October 27, 2013 ... "In honor of Erica Asselin"
    • Jennifer Y. Levy-Peck donated $10.00 October 25, 2013 ... "Marianne, you are an inspiration. I admire your chapter in our book on Intimate Partner Sexual Violence, and wish you good health."

Safe Passage is a 501 (c) (3) EIN: 04-2690131 nonprofit organization

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