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About This Event

The Beau Biden Memorial Trail Run is a great way to simultaneously honor Beau's memory and bring awareness to the Beau Biden Foundation, all while running the trails of the beautiful Granogue Estate.

This race is the second race in the Trail Creek Outfitters Series, powered by Velo Amis. For more information about the race and the whole series, please visit our website: www.trailcreekseries.org

About The Cause

The Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children was created to honor the life of Joseph R. “Beau” Biden, III, and to continue his life’s work: ensuring that all children are free from the threat of abuse.

The Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children was established in June 2015 as an operating non-profit to continue Beau Biden’s commitment to protecting the most vulnerable among us, especially children who have fallen victim to abuse and neglect. 

The Foundation believes as Beau did, that no child should be threatened by a predator – either an adult or a peer – and that child abuse is preventable. 

The Foundation believes the best way to prevent child abuse is to educate adults and children. 

The Foundation believes the time is now to identify and train the next generation of child welfare professionals.

The Foundation believes strengthening national child protection laws is an urgent, attainable goal.

Beau believed in our better angels. He knew the first lines of defense for a child who is bullied are that child’s peers. He knew every child was capable of courage, but that courage without confidence does not inspire action. We will work in schools to teach children skills, and to give them tools and procedures that result in the confidence to report, and stop, bullying.

Raising awareness of the scourge of child abuse isn’t easy; children who are bullied and victims of sexual abuse are experts at camouflaging their emotions. We will work to teach adults to recognize signs of abuse, and implement effective strategies to protect children from becoming victims.

Beau Biden Foundation for the Protection of Children is a 501 (c) (3) EIN: 47-4507397 nonprofit organization

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